Profile E: Our Curriculum in English

The Profile E: Our Proven Curriculum – Now Available in English

It is not every day that you can be a pioneer, but for two groups of students this adventure turned into a stimulating reality during the 2011/12 school year when we introduced the new Profile E which offers learners from Thai and international families the unique opportunity to enjoy our very distinct Swiss-German curriculum in English!

Learning Languages and Experiencing European Cultures with Fun and Passion

The learning of several languages takes center stage at our school following a long-standing tradition in Switzerland and Europe. All our teachers are native English speakers and experts in early language teaching. They provide full immersion teaching and learning, which means that our students are continually surrounded by the two main classroom languages: English and German. By naturally and playfully listening, speaking, reading and writing English and German every day all day long, they reach genuine proficiency levels by the time they graduate. At a later stage, Thai, French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and Latin will also be offered.

Our students not only learn the languages, but also experience the values, traditions and ways of life of the three German-speaking countries in the heart of Europe as well as their native English teachers’ countries. Selected international activities and exchange programs complete the learning process. While progressing through their school career, our students develop into competent individuals who feel at home in different languages and cultures.